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Terms and Conditions

Please not the following.

1.    All copyright in photographs is owned by Agnesar Skúla. 
2.    Copyright applies to copyright law no. 73/1972. 
3.    The delivery of photographs to a client does not imply                       copyright or does it authorize changes in photographs. 
4.    15-25 best photos from the photo shoot are posted in a locked         album on the website Client receives a link         to the album and password and has 3 days to view and select           the images. If a customer has not chosen images after that               time, Agnes Skúla can assist in the selection of images. 
5.    Image processing and selection of i
mages is entirely in the               hands of Agnes Skúla. Agnes Skúla never delivers raw images.
6.    Printed images are 30 cm in length and 300 dpi for printing in           most sizes. If you wish to print very large pictures, please                   contact Agnes Skúla and customer will get the picture in better         quality for free. Agnes Skúla is not responsible for quality of               prints printed through a third party. Images for the web are               2048 pxl on the long edge and 72 dpi. Images for web have               Agnes Skulas logo on it. Customer is welcome to publish                   images on social media. 
7.    Under no circumstances is customer allowed to crop or edit               pictures in any way (for example, for instagram).
8.    It is prohibited to remove the logo of the photographs. 
9.    The images are for personal use and may not be used for                   advertising  purposes unless specifically agreed upon. 
10.   Agnes Skúla reserves the right to display images, one or                    more, on social media and on the website                                            for advertising unless otherwise agreed upon.
11.   The images are delivered on an usb flash drive. If the                          customer loses the images, he can get a new usb flash drive              with the images at a low cost. 
12.   The pictures are stored for 2 years. After that, they are deleted.
13.    After delivery of images their preservarion is entirely the                    responsibility of the customer.
14.   Payment is according to price list which can be seen on                      Agnes Skúla’s website payment          must made in full before delivery of the images. 
15.   Agnes Skúla sends a link for agreement and the customer                  must agree these terms before the photo session takes place.          Parents/guardians must agree on behalf of children under 18            years of age. 
16.   Infringement of these copyright and terms are subject to                    copyright law and Agnes H. Skúladóttir reserves all rights due          to such infringements.

                                  Best regards,
                                         Agnes Skúla

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