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            Cakesmash photoshoot

•    The photoshoot takes place in Agnes Skúla studio at Furuvellir 13,              Akureyri, on the 2nd floor.
•    Cakesmash is for one year old children.
•    Agnes Skúla styles the cakesmash photoshoot herself.
•    Before the fun begins, several birthday photos will be taken of the              child in its own clothes. After that, the child is put in clothes from                Agnes Skúla that best match the chosen color theme.
•    Parents/guardians are welcome to have preferences on the color                theme.  These are the colors you can choose from:  White, pink, blue,        yellow, lightbrown and green. Please go to  Agnes Skula’s instagram          profile to see the colors availabe.
•    Decorations consist of balloons and the cake itself.
•    The cake included is a Betty Crocker cake mix with a cream cheese              frosting. There is a tiny bit of food coloring in the frosting. The cake is        sweet, but the children usually only eat a small fraction of it. Most of            the fun comes from playing with the cake. 
•    Parents/guardians are asked to keep a low profile during the                        photoshoot but to be ready to assist if help is needed.
•    Parents/guardians are asked to wear clothes that they are ok with                getting frosting on.
•    At the end of the photoshoot, the child is placed in a small bathtub            with warm water and bubbles. It is nice to use the bath to clean off              the frosting.  Agnes Skula provides a towel and washcloths to use for          the child after the bath.
•    The photoshoot takes about 30 minutes and is very fun.
•    Agnes Skula does not provide gluten-, dairy- or sugar-free cakes but          parents/guardians are welcome to make their own.  No discount is              given if you decide to bring your own cake.
•    It is not allowed to bring a sick child to the photoshoot. If a child has a        fever or is restless due to an illness, please contact Agnes Skúla and            reschedule the photoshoot.
•    Please read the price list and accept the terms and conditions before          the photoshoot takes place.

                                              Best regards,
                                               Agnes Skúla

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